Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Tom Adams Bridge Project? 


A. The Tom Adams Bridge Rehabilitation Project will replace the existing tenderhouse, electrical and mechanical equipment. The proposed tenderhouse will provide a gateway to Manasota Key and will feature a standing seam roof, color coordinated with the bridge, and large observation windows designed to withstand hurricane winds.

Q. Why does the tenderhouse need to be replaced?

A. The Tom Adams Bridge was constructed in 1964. The mechanical and electrical equipment is no longer reliable and must be replaced. The existing tenderhouse is not large enough to house all of the new equipment and does not have clear lines of sight to see traffic approaching the traffic gates. The rehabilitation and new tenderhouse will ensure the county will have the bridge that provides safe, reliable service.

Q. What work is being performed on the bridge?

A. The existing concrete railing and guardrail will be removed and replaced with a steel traffic barrier and aluminum handrail, which will allow the sidewalk to be widened to a minimum of five feet. The sidewalk surface will be topped to correct slope and alignment issues, making it easier for pedestrians to cross the bridge. The project also includes the replacement of the existing traffic gates, traffic signals, the approach slabs, abutment wall cap, slope pavement, and the bridge will be repainted.

Q. Will the Tom Adams Bridge be closed to vehicle traffic for the renovation? 

A. Normally no, the renovation will construct a new tenderhouse on the north side of the bridge. Traffic will be reduced to a single lane as the contractor brings material to the project. The concrete pavement at the end of the bridge has settled, which will be replaced as part of this renovation. When this concrete pavement is replaced it will require time for the concrete to harden. The contractor and the county are exploring options to keep the bridge open to vehicle traffic. This website will have the most current traffic information.

Q. Will the fishing pier at the east end of Tom Adams Bridge, Angier Park be closed? 

A. No, the county has no plan to close this park, unless it becomes a safety issue. A portion of the overflow parking will be used as a staging area.

Q. Will the Tom Adams Bridge be closed to marine traffic during the renovation? 

No, but temporary marine traffic closures are expected. This website will have the most current marine traffic information.

Q. Will the Tom Adams Bridge sidewalks be closed for the renovation? 

A. Yes, the railing and the barrier between the sidewalk and the roadway will be replaced, which will require the sidewalk to be closed.

Q. Who designed the project?

A. CES/American.

Q. What was the cost for designing?

The cost of design was $1,849,330.00.

Q. Who is the contractor for the project?

A. Quinn Construction Inc.

Q. What is the cost of construction?

A. The cost of construction is $9,450,000.

Q. When will work begin?

A. The contractor has begun staging equipment and will begin work on the bridge on March 29, 2016.

Q. Why is the county starting the project now? 

A. The project will take 14 months, so it will span portions of two seasons. Starting now (March 29, 2016) will minimize the impact to the seasonal residents.

Q. When is the project expected to be completed?

A. The project is scheduled to be completed in Summer 2017.

Q. How much will the project cost?

A. The design of the project cost $1,849,330 and construction will cost $9,450,000.