The new electrical panel is installed across from the fishing pier. 

Installing the metal roof on the Tenderhouse.

Gear Reducer

Tenderhouse Wall Columns

Tom Adams Bridge Tenderhouse Construction –
The Contractor has completed Construction.

Tom Adams Bridge Maintenance of Traffic - The Tom Adams Bridge, operated by Charlotte County is located on the Intercoastal Waterway, which is under the authority of the US Coast Guard. By law the County must open the bridge for marine traffic. Should the bridge become non-operational the County could be required to leave the bridge in the open to marine traffic; therefore, the current construction is critical to everyone who uses this structure.

Tom Adams Bridge Tenderhouse Construction - The new Tenderhouse is complete. The Contractor is finishing up Punch List items Everyone is encouraged to sign up for the “E-mail Alerts” on our Home page so you can be advised as conditions change. Also, if you have question or comments please let us know by posting them on the “Advisories” page of the website. 



Hopkins Frame


The Tenderhouse has the roof in place.  A worker is removing forms from the outside of the equipment level.

First wall section.