First wall section.

Tenderhouse Wall Columns


The new electrical panel is installed across from the fishing pier. 


Gear Reducer

​​Bridge Closure

Tom Adams Bridge will be closed on Monday June 12th.  The Contractor plans to close the roadway shortly after midnight.  Once the concrete slabs have achieved the required strength the roadway will be reopened.  The expected date to reopen the roadway is Sunday June 18th.  The bridge will operate normally for marine traffic.

The repairs to the Tom Adams Bridge requires the slab between the roadway and the bridge abutment be replaced.  Unfortunately, to remove, cast the new slab and allow it to properly cure the Contractor will close the bridge for seven (7) calendar days.

Tom Adams Bridge Maintenance of Traffic

The Tom Adams Bridge, operated by Charlotte County is located on the Intercoastal Waterway, which is under the authority of the US Coast Guard.  By law the County must open the bridge for marine traffic.  To reduce the effects on the vehicular traffic, the County has requested approval from the US Coast Guard to only open the bridge on the hour.

Should the bridge become non-operational the County could be required to leave the bridge in the open to marine traffic; therefore, the current construction is critical to everyone who uses this structure.

Tom Adams Bridge Tenderhouse Construction

The new Tenderhouse which will provide clear visibility of the vehicle traffic approaching the bridge is taking shape.  The exterior is almost complete!  The interior work is progressing and more importantly the new electrical and mechanical equipment is being installed.  FPL will be installing the new electrical service in the next few weeks.

Tom Adams Bridge Rehabilitation

The painting of the bridge (span grates, beams, and bearings) has been completed.  The Contractor has reconstructed the wall cap for the retaining wall on the mainland side and has begun work on the island side retaining wall. 

 Work is almost complete on the new traffic barrier on the adjacent to the travel lanes coming onto the island on the mainland side of the bridge.  The sidewalk and pedestrian handrailing work has begun.  The new configuration will provide ADA compliant sidewalks on the bridge.  Work will soon begin on the new traffic barrier on the adjacent to the travel lanes coming onto the island on the island side of the bridge.  This work will utilize a temporary barrier wall for the maintenance of traffic, which will result in narrow, 10 feet wide the traffic lanes so the Contractor can maintain two-way traffic.  Motorist should expect alternating one-way MOT operations, as the temporary barriers are set up and as the Contractor moves material into and out of the work zone.

In the coming months, the Contractor will be replacing all the mechanical equipment (Hopkins Frame, Motors, Gear Reducer, Bearings, Brakes, etc.) that opens the bridge leaf.  Although this work will impact the bridge operations, it WILL NOT impact vehicular traffic.

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Hopkins Frame

Installing the metal roof on the Tenderhouse.

The Tenderhouse has the roof in place.  A worker is removing forms from the outside of the equipment level.